Frequently Asked Questions


How do I upload my files to NETSHARE?


You can upload new files using the start page. Click the "+" icon or the Upload Files button. A pop-up window with a recording interface opens up. Either drag the selected files by mouse to the area designated for recording or by click on the recording icon to open up the dialog for a file selection.

To start recording, click the button Upload Files.

When you finish recoding, you get the links to uploaded files.

You can manage all uploaded content through the file manager in your account.


How do I download files?


Files can be downloaded by any user who knows the appropriate URL links for files.

Paid downloading (after registering and recharging credit) brings many benefits, such as downloading at unlimited (maximum) speeds and the ability to download multiple files at once. This fully removes occasional waiting for a free download slot as it is the case with downloading without registration (free of charge).

The credit has an unlimited validity, so it is up to you when and how you will use the credit for downloading.


I want to download quickly and without waiting, how do I recharge the credit?


In the first place, you need to register to NETSHARE on this page and log in to the system. After logging in, continue to the Credit Recharge page.

Then select a way to recharge your credit. You can choose from a quick bank transfer, charging via the Sazka terminal, through the Czech Post SuperCASH service, or via premium SMS.


Which method of recharging credit is the most advantageous for me?


Payment with a credit/debit card or bank transfer is the fastest and most advantageous form of credit recharging. In case of recharging by a premium SMS, you get up to a half less credit.

The most popular way to recharge your credit is by a credit/debit card.

We also recommend a quick bank transfer, because thanks to the support of most banks, your credit is credited almost immediately after the payment is completed. If you choose to transfer from a bank that is not supported by us, the amount will be routinely transferred and credited in 1-2 business days.


I've recharged the credit, money was deducted, but the credit has not been credited to NETSHARE. What should I do?


In case of any problem with the payment, when the credit is not added, incorrect amount deduction, etc., please contact us. In the notification, please provide your login name (e-mail) and the description of the situation, when and how you have recharged your credit, and what the problem is about. This will speed up overall communication. We will get back to you with a solution within 24 hours at the latest.


Do you offer a commission system?


Yes, we offer commissions for downloading of your files. Just upload to NETSHARE popular files and share links for their downloading. If the commission exceeds CZK 100, on the next payday, which is every Monday, we'll transfer the money to your bank account.


What is the maximum file size can I upload to NETSHARE?


You can upload files up to 30GB to NETSHARE. Files of this size can only be uploaded by registered users with credit. Registered users without credit can upload files with a maximum size of 12GB. Unregistered users can upload files up to a maximum size of 2GB. These limits are valid for uploading through the NETSHARE website as well as all supported upload managers.


What files can I upload to NETSHARE?


Please note that it is not allowed to upload files to NETSHARE that are in any way violating copyrights. We actively cooperate with rights’ owners and defend their interests. While it is not possible for us to manually verify every uploaded file by ourselves, we undertake to immediately remove any objectionable content that we will be alerted to in the prescribed manner.